Como eu fa?o para mover apenas a chaleira

Como eu fa?o para mover apenas a chaleira

Post by Robert Dunlop [MS MVP » Fri, 12 Jul 2002 05:17:13

Calling SetTransform() with NULL does not set an identity transform, it
is an invalid call.  Instead, set up an identity matrix and pass it to
SetTransform(), like this:

lp_device->SetTransform(D3DTS_WORLD ,&mat);

Also, why do you use both lp_device and g_d3d.lp_device?  I assume these
point to the same device?
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Quote:> Could anyone tell me what I made wrong? .

> I developed a small application to learn direct3d in which I I have a
> triangle and an object mesh teapot. I wanted to move only the teapot,
> for this I loaded into the worldmatrix the identity and rendered the
> triangle, then I modified the worldmatrix and rendered the teapot but
> triangle also moved. This procedure is made in the method render of
> class D3DEVILTHING and the worldmatrix is modified in the Loop of

> The keyboard keys for navigation are:
> e: moves the camera  to the left
> s:  moves the camera downwards
> d: moves the camera to  the right
> w: moves the camera  upwards
> f:  moves the camera backwards
> r: moves the camera front

> It is necessary that some windows event occur to see the movement (to
> mouse is enough) The code source and the data are attached

> Digenes.
> Amok Entertainment