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    I'm looking into the thought of developing a MMORPG based on real-life,
and I'm looking for some graphics programmers and artists. The game concept

Time-frame: Present
Language: C/C++
   Client: Win32 (ports to X possible)
   Server: Win32 console or UNIX (will NOT use Win32 threading, so it should
be for the most part portable)


1. Concept artist and 3d modeller wanted for open source MMORPG project


I'm the admin for an open source MMORPG project, and we're desperately
looking for concept sketch artists, and 3d artists. All you need to be able
to do for the concept sketch artist position(s) is draw, and be able to
either scan your drawings, or digitise them in any way. potential 3d
artists should be able to model (in almost any software package) both
simple and more complex 3d objects. Objects range from swords and shields,
terrain items (trees, rivers, grass), player charecters (humans, elves,
dwarves, diabilos), monsters and NPC's (bears, goats, dragons, fish,
chickens), as well as game items (eggs, inventory items) etc. etc. etc.

We currently have no artists at all, so If you'd like to help out, don't
hesitate to email me, at:

Being an open source project, we can't pay anyone, although if you help
out, you'll get your name in the credits, as well as being part of an
exciting game development team.

For more information on the project, you can check out the following web

Thomi Richards,

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