vsync, scanline mode in DirectDraw

vsync, scanline mode in DirectDraw

Post by <pixelmana> » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 01:48:26

Hi, how can I make a DirectDraw application into
1) vsync mode in both fullscreen and window mode
2) scanline mode like the feature of emulators.

Thanks a lot.


1. How to disable vsync. in fullscreen mode

Hi all,

I'm using a GF2 win the latest Detonator XP drivers on Win2K SP2... I can't
find any reference to disabling vsync. in fullscreen mode using the Display
Properties (it appears under OGL settings, but not DX). I'm using the
D3DFrame classes.

Is it possible to disable fullscreen vsync.? I'd like to see what my 'real'
framerate is in fullscreen. Is it a parameter to a D3D function?



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