Pixel Ploting with D3DXSprite

Pixel Ploting with D3DXSprite

Post by Sean Dohert » Thu, 11 Oct 2001 05:45:57

I am using D3DXSprite's to Plot some Pixels to the 3D
Display. Hover, they seem to be draw to the screen last.
This causes them to be Draw ontop of any 3D object. Is
there a beter way to plot a pixel? How can I draw the
sprites behind the 3D Objects?


D3DXCreateSprite(m_pd3dDevice, &testSprite);
for (int i=128; i<300; i+=5){
testSprite->Draw(m_Texture, NULL ,NULL, NULL, 0,
&D3DXVECTOR2, (i,i), 0xFFFFFFFF );





        I just switched to programming in VB5 from other multimedia authoring

        I am used to setting an app size in PIXELS to match a clients
specification. I can't seem to figure it out in VB.

        I'm not a total nmewbie at VB, just as far as using graphics go (I
used to do alot of VBA ACCESS apps).

        I need an app 800 x 450. Twips don't cut it. I know how to change the
scale mode and it doesn't seem to work (for the forms over all size).

        Guess I'm getting confused with Scale properties being for the
outside dimensions of the form.

        I want eveything to default to pixels so I can align assets per as
graphic designers co-ordintes (always in pixels).

        I'd like to set .Height = 450 and .Width = 800 for form properties and
then also be able to give co-oridinates in graphics (ie, imageboxes) in pixels

        Sorry if this is newbie type question, I searched Online help, and
some  VB websites and found nothing I could use direclty or figure out.

        Any Replies Appreciated.



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