3ds Max xskinexp.dlu Camera export

3ds Max xskinexp.dlu Camera export

Post by Nada » Sun, 16 Jun 2002 18:11:10

I am tring to export a camera from a 3ds max (4.0) scene
using the xskinexp plugin provided at the Max SDK, the
camera is exported as two different brouder nodes ( ones
cordinates are not effected by the other ), one is the
cameras origin and the other is the cameras target, the
Matrix of the cameras contains the poistion and
orientation cordinats of the camera this implies that no
target node is needed to calculate the cameras
orientation if so why is the targets matrix is neing
exported ( this means that it exsists in 3dsmax hierarchy
tree ).
How should i read/export the camera so i could use it
correctly in D3D applications???

Any directions to 3dsmax sdk newsgroup will be

   Nadav Rubinstein.


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Making those plug-ins and trying to interpret 3ds max data as DirectX data
is much more difficult than you would ever guess. I can't remember the exact
4.0 --> 4.2 changes, but if the 4.0 plugin was successfully loaded by 3ds
max 4.2 then it should work the same as in 3ds max 4.0.

ps If the Microsoft D3DX team wants a true expert 3ds max plugin author,
shoot me an email. I did almost all of the 3ds max logic for WildTangent's
exporter. I can do something similar for D3DX. While I'm selling myself,
I'll mention that I know the Maya API, too.

Looking for a C# or C++ programmer / former WildTangent employee / BSEE from
Rice / Fulbright Alum?
Email ted <underscore> yantis at yahoo dot com

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