Getting at vertex data within predefined utility Meshes

Getting at vertex data within predefined utility Meshes

Post by Robert Dic » Tue, 13 May 2003 08:16:29


Managed DX9 / c#

I have unsuccessfully been trying to get at the vertex
data with a Lock(0,LockFlags.ReadOnly) call on utility
mesh created by a call to Mesh.Box.

The exception thrown is either BadArgument related or
Application Error.  

Help Appreciated



Getting at vertex data within predefined utility Meshes

Post by Rich [Microsoft Direct3D MV » Wed, 14 May 2003 01:29:25

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Quote:>Managed DX9 / c#

Managed questions should be posted to
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1. plotting multiple graph from nultiple data set within one data file

Dear Gnuplot users

Hi, I am new to Gnuplot. Sorry, if this question is very basic. I have multiple data set as shown below;

Crossection # 1 at Chainage 200
x= 0.000000  y=29.889000 x= 0.000000  y=29.889000
xl= -4.415000 yl= 32.048000 xr=4.435000 yr=32.223000
xl= -7.742000 yl= 34.627998 xr=7.462000 yr=34.772999
xl= -13.294000 yl= 37.702999 xr=12.367000 yr=37.522999
xl= -14.055000 yl= 37.608002 xr=13.885000 yr=37.563000

Crossection # 2 at Chainage 400
x= 0.000000  y=29.889000 x= 0.000000  y=29.889000
xl= -2.599000 yl= 30.469999 xr=2.150000 yr=29.982000
xl= -5.717000 yl= 31.392000 xr=6.683000 yr=30.402000
xl= -10.227000 yl= 34.152000 xr=8.963000 yr=33.062000
xl= -10.227000 yl= 34.152000 xr=9.021000 yr=33.266998
xl= -10.227000 yl= 34.152000 xr=9.655000 yr=33.722000

I would like to write a script that would take the first line as the title of the graph and the following data as points on a graph. The second data set is seperated by the null lines. How can I view the plotted graph each at a time. The script I wrote will put both data sets on one graph. I tried to use pause -1 but it didn't work. Can anyone help me solve these problems
1) to automatically read charaters from my data file and set it as title, and
2) to plot seperate graphs from seperate data sets, and to view the graphs one at each time.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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