DirectDraw Surface on an MFC Dialog

DirectDraw Surface on an MFC Dialog

Post by Magmai Kai Holmlo » Mon, 10 Dec 2001 08:27:11

Check out the MFCFog example project in the Dx SDK docs.
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>Hi there

>I want to place a DirectDraw Surface on an ordinary mfc
>dialog; I want to build an editor.
>Does anyone have an acceptable solution for this?


1. DirectDraw Dialogs

If loading DirectDraw as a surface platform in fullscreen, how is it
therefore possible to load a DirectDraw Dialog or moreover how is it
possible to replace standard dialogs with custom designed ones (using the
same template, but replacing it with bitmaps and not wanting to show it)?

Third how do you efficiently replace a Scroll Bar with a Bitmap??

I have tried starting replace buttons with Bitmaps in the WM_DRAWITEM
command, but this does not work on ScrollBars nor could I find correct help
on the procedure for completely replacing a dialog box while maintaining the
setup options (ie. for a good template between video mode differences).

In conclusion, I want to learn how MicroSoft games are capable of replacing
all of their Dialog Boxes while using the same instances as a normal Dialog
Box programming option.  Is their some third way to creating streamline SVGA
graphic Dialogs and program menus?

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