d3dxsprite in c#?

d3dxsprite in c#?

Post by Ben Ratzlaf » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 03:44:59

I currently have a 2d program using the directdraw dll in
managed directx9. reading the posts here i get the idea
that it would be better and i would have more effects if i
use direct3d with the d3dxsprite object, but i cannot find
any resources on how to use that in the managed
environment. The performance on my machine currently is
fine, but i dont have any alpha effects aside from color

so yeah, the main question is, how do i do 2d in managed


d3dxsprite in c#?

Post by MVP » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 05:35:30

A better newsgroup for managed DirectX programming questions is


1. Colorkey in D3DXSprite

Is there a way to display an image using a colorkey with
the ID3DXSprite interface? I know about the
D3DXLoadTextureFromFile. I mean, is there a function to
make the pixels with specific colors of a texture or
surface transparent?

Thank you,
Marek Dzikiewicz


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