DrawIndexedPrimitive very slow on first frame with new mesh?

DrawIndexedPrimitive very slow on first frame with new mesh?

Post by Bryan Crota » Tue, 01 Jul 2003 21:21:44

The following is under DirectX9 on Win2k, GeForce ti4800

I have my own vertex and index buffer (not using DXMesh), and I'm calling
DrawIndexedPrimitive using the entire buffer.  Some frames are blank, and
what I'm seeing is the following timings for the actual DIP call:

1st frame : 12.9ms
2nd frame : 0.4ms
3rd frame : 0.4ms
then a gap where this mesh isn't used for a while, then
1st frame 24.5ms
2nd frame : 0.4ms
3rd frame : 0.36ms

It's very repeatable.  The mesh has about 3k triangles, so not very large.
I'm not using any textures.  The vertex and index buffers are created with
Pool_Default or Pool_managed - doesn't make any difference to the timings.

I'm guessing it's taking a long time to transfer the data across the bus?
But this is a 60Hz refresh - that one call is taking more than one frame!
(Hence the visible result is serious jitter).

Any ideas on a) why this is so slow, or (better still) b) what I can do
about it?



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