vbCrLf with DirectDraw vs DirectXGraphics

vbCrLf with DirectDraw vs DirectXGraphics

Post by LT » Thu, 31 Oct 2002 23:30:55

In DirectX 8 using DirectXGraphics I get a new line after
a vbCrLf in my string when I draw my text unless of course
I specify DT_SINGLELINE.  I would like a newline in
DirectDraw 7 as well but currently all I see is the
control character for the vbCrLf when I draw my text, it
seems as if DirectDraw is SINGLELINE by default.  Is there
a way to make DirectDraw respect the vbCrLf and return a
new line?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



1. : OpenGL vs. DirectDraw

I'm porting an old game to Win32 (and adding features as I go), and
I've run into a dilemma: should I use DirectDraw or OpenGL for the

I'd be making fairly heavy use of alpha blending (additive, source and
dest factors of 1).  My original thought was to write my own alpha
blitters for DX5.2, but that would be software-only and result in the
back buffer being placed in system memory (to avoid reads and writes
across the video bus.  I think.).  My second thought was to implement
the sprites as textured squares or rectangles in OpenGL.  The problem
with _that_ is that OpenGL's software implementations are notoriously
slow (with the possible exception of Cosmo GL, but that's

Any advice?  (Oh, and pardon any errors in the above - I'm still
rather a newbie.)

(In case anyone cares, the original game is Dogfight -

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_can_ use them for evil if you want, but it voids
the warranty.
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