Primary buffer

Primary buffer

Post by Murat Kardesc » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 12:52:52


I'am using DirectDraw and created one primary and one back buffer for my
application. What I want to ask is do I need to release primary buffer and
back buffer on exit? or is just releasing primary buffer enough? if I have
to release both of them, is the order important?



1. Exclusive use of the Primary Buffer

Hi Philip,

Must I have an own window showed, and max size (covering
all the other windows), and with POPUP style (to avoid
somebody decreasing its size and thus showing what's

I've seen DX applications with a window with title bar,
but anyway even diminishing its size, what appeared behind
the window was a black background.. i.e. other processes'
windows couldn't show anything anyway.

In my so far unfortunate experiments with DX3 instead, just
setting EXCLUSIVE and FULLSCREEN cooperative level doesn't
stop other windows from updating the screen (e.g. the clock's
window you get by doubleclicking the time icon on the systray).
Only Lock() effectively prevents that (note that in my app I
do not want to change the screenmode, but keep the one that
was in use before).

Also, I'd like to get rid of the message loop.. can I, in some
"legal" way?


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