soselection error

soselection error

Post by hael » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 05:46:59


my scenegraph root node is a SoSelection node. in the code of my
classes i want to create a path to a node. so i got the scenegraph
root from the viewer and do:


and i got the error:

Inventor error in SoSelection::select():
Node does not pass through this selection node.

"this" is a SoBaseKit derived class. i want to typecast the returning
path to a SoFullPath, but i got the error before.
does anybody knows, how to solve this selection problem???

thanks a lot


1. OpenInventor: Problems with SoSelection->setPickFilterCallback

I have encountered a problem with the setPickFilterCallback method of

After having installed a FilterCallback function I noticed that the
installed function is always called twice.

This is a problem because I wanted to use the filter-function to
temporary create an additional object in the scene which afterwards
should become selected.

Obviously this leads to problems if the filterfunction is called twice.

By the way: the problem with twice calling of the filterFunction
doesn't seem to be a bug in my program. You can observe that, for
example, in the gview-demo-code the filterfunction is also called

Is this a bug or do I misunderstand something.

Peter Rohleder


  German National Research Center for Computer Science (GMD)
  Schloss Birlinghoven, D-53754 Sankt Augustin, FR Germany

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