About SoTransformBoxManip

About SoTransformBoxManip

Post by Gerard van Vug » Thu, 21 Sep 1995 04:00:00


I've been trying to mimick a SoDragPointManipulator used in IRIS Inventor 1.0
in Inventor 2.0 with some success. I'd like to make it a complete success.

Does anyone have a class to implement a manipulator I can attach to an
object without getting rotation and scaling, only translation? I do not have
much time to implement such a manipulator, and the online version of
Inventor Mentor hasn't been helpful enough. Could someone help me with this
please? I'd really appreciate it! :)

At the moment I am using a SoTransformBoxManip in which I have removed
the lines and squares used as handles for rotation and scaling. They are now
simple SoSeparators and in effect cannot be selected. When you select a
SoTransformBoxManip it only moves in a 2D plane, and when I access the
contents of its translation field the 3rd dimension goes to 0 or something.
I have a transform node that I want to attach to the manipulator and set to
an initial 3D position, then the manipulator must keep track of this. But when
I select the thing that 3rd dimension not in the 2D translation plane messes
things up. Could someone please help and let me know how to obtain proper
3D positions from a SoTransformBoxManip and to make it update into a given
SoTransform node? Note: I have replaceManip and setPart("transform",..) with
no luck. I must be stupid.

Please reply soon.

Thanx in advance! :)


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How the "SoTransformBoxManip" get the transformation data ?
When the mouse pick a object and move, SoTransformBoxManip get the proper
trnslation value in world coordinate. How this can get the wold coordinate
translation value ?

                J. Won  Lee                    

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