Using a custom SoSceneManager

Using a custom SoSceneManager

Post by Dan Schiko » Wed, 27 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I am having difficulty trying to use a custom SoSceneManager within
an Examiner Viewer.  I do something like this:

myViewer = new SoExaminerViewer(widget);
myViewer->setSceneManager(new mySceneManager);

At this point, I am not even changing the functionality of the scene
manager, that will come later.  What do I need to do to the scene
manager to get it to act like the manager for the default examiner
viewer?  (Perhaps I should make MyExaminerViewer which replaces
the manager for me, setting all the correct values?).  Are there
different attributes to set for the different available viewers?
(I'd like to switch back and forth).  A simple case I am testing
involves 16.5.Examiner.c++ from the Mentor examples, if anyone
would like to try it themselves...

Thanks for any help,

-Dan Schikore


1. OpenInventor offscreen rendering using SoSceneManager

Hi Inventors!

We would like to implement a pbuffer-based offscreen renderer using
the OpenInventor API. The program will receive XEvents/SoEvents and
should employ a SoSceneManager which handles these events,
instanciates SoGLRenderActions, apply them to the scene graph and so
on. As I said the rendering should take place in a pbuffer context. So
we don't have any SoXtComponent on the screen.

Our problem is: How can we give an employed SoSceneManager some time
to do all this stuff? How can we bind it to our running loop so that
for example a scheduled redraw is done later on? Does anybody has some
closer information about the SoSceneManager and its callback functions
or event handlers?

Any help would be very appreciated!


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