Load/Save scene

Load/Save scene

Post by Patricio Mu? » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 00:04:46

Hi all,

I would like to give my application the opportunity to load and save
the content (scene) of my Examiner Viewer. I use two functions:
OnGuardar (in order to save the scene to an .iv file) and OnAbrir (to
load the scene previously stored in th e .iv file).

I get the .iv file but when trying to display it into the viewer, it
doesn't work. These are the two functions:

void CProyectoDlg::OnGuardar()
        // TODO: Add your command handler code here
        SoOutput *pFile = new SoOutput;

        SoWriteAction *pSaveScene = new SoWriteAction(pFile);


void CProyectoDlg::OnAbrir()
        // TODO: Add your command handler code here
        SoInput mySceneInput;
        if (!mySceneInput.openFile("modelos/escena.iv")) {
                fprintf(stderr, "Cannot open file %s\n", "modelos/escena.iv");

        // Read the whole file into the database
        SoSeparator *myGraph = SoDB::readAll(&mySceneInput);



Root is a SoGroup node which the top of the scene graph.

Does anybody know what's wrong?

Is there an easier way to do this?

Thanks in advance,



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