How to use font in inventor?

How to use font in inventor?

Post by Sirinus Zhan » Thu, 29 May 2003 01:32:59

Dear everyone,

I would like to use font in my scene. When I tried to run the examples
from SGI Open Inventor related to fonts, I can see nothing but a blank
window? All the files related with fonts have such problem. The font
does not appear. What's the reason? How to deal with this problem?

Thanks a lot.


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I have a customer using an imported Adobe Type 1 font in our Open
Inventor-based app.  OI doesn't seem to be able to use the font
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context").  Other apps (amazon) don't have a problem.  I have
disassembled the font and don't see any corruption problems.  Anyone
have any clues or suggestions?  



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