porblems with search action

porblems with search action

Post by hael » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 02:22:32

hi list,

i have a problem with using the search action to create a path to a
special node in a scene graph. i derived my own class from SoBaseKit.
i added a part of type SoSeparator which i use as childlist, i add new
instances of my class as child under this separator. i need to know
the local world transformation on a special node in my scene graph, so
i wanted to use a searchaction to create the path from root to this
node. but the search action only works for "1st level" under the root,
but if i need to create a path to a "children-children", the returned
path is always NULL. in the constructor of my class, i use the
setSearchingAll(true) method.
my question: do i have to implement a search(SoSeachAction* ac) method
in my own class and parse the children explizit with a new
searchaction? (i tried this, but i can't combine the paths)

does anybody know something like a "minimum" implementation to get a
working searchaction for own classes (dependent or independent of the
node kit structure)?

thanks a lot for help