Drag and Drop into Inventor window

Drag and Drop into Inventor window

Post by Priyank » Sat, 17 May 2003 01:15:18


I have a windows form parent window with a standard toolbar on the left and
an inventor viewer( which has been created from the handle of a windows form
PANEL ) on the right.

The toolbar is populated with buttons for sphere, cube, etc. I want to be
able to do a drag and drop operation so that the sphere etc. can be dragged
from the toolbar (with visual cues) and dropped into the inventor viewer. Is
there a way that the viewer can detect that a drop has happened.

The toolbar starts a drag operation but since the inventor viewer has
control over the panel I cannot use the standard drag_enter and drag_drop

Any suggestions on how I could replicate this functionality for the viewer.



1. Open Inventor and Drag and Drop

    If my memory serves me right, Open Inventor supports
drag-and-drop. Unfortunately, I failed to find any references
on drag-and-drop in the documentation. Can anybody offer adivice?

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