Post by Liqing » Thu, 05 Oct 1995 04:00:00

       Hi, every inventor user.

        I am a freshman to use Open Inventor, I have some problem with 3D
Text, I am trying to construct some table by using 3D text. For example
My table looks like

        ID: 12345    Name: John C. Duke    Dept.: CS Department
        SN: 013-45-678 Major: CS           Admitted: Sept. 1995

So my table has 3 columns, first I calculated widest string in each column
then add all number of characters of the longest string in each column.
Suppose I want to put this table in bounding box [-1, -1] to [1, 1], then
my font size will be 2/(max number of chars on the row). Because default
font size for 3D text is 10 (?) so I scale my text by a factor 0.1. What
I saw on the screen is text is very small and wide space between adjacent
strings. If I change scale factor to more than 0.1, the text is zooming
out and space is zooming in? My question is what is way to calculate
font size in this case in order to make them look right (fill complete
box, if no space between string, there will be no space on the screen).

Thanks in advance