Added field in TranslateRadialDragger not appearing

Added field in TranslateRadialDragger not appearing

Post by Thorsten F » Fri, 22 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I added a field "SoVec3f orientation" to the TranslateRadialDragger from
Example 8 of the Toolmaker. Works fine, I can use it.

Tried the same with "SoSFRotation rotation" => kind of ignoring behaviour:
- no errors while compiling
- I can set and get it programmatically, but when I write the values to
  stout they are always ((0,0,1) 0)
- when I write out the SceneGraph, the field orientation appears as it should
  (in the fields enumeration and later with a value), but nothing about the
  rotation field

There is no difference between "orientation" and "rotation" in all my
added declarations, except the type and the get/set method. The former (a
SoSFVec3f) works, the latter (a SoSFRotation) not.

Hmmm, does anybody of the listening audience has any clue on this?
Would appreciate it.


 /\_/\  Thorsten Fox                  

  \ /   D-53754 Sankt Augustin, Germany


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Hope this hasn't been answered - I tried to do a search but Mozilla
choked!  So then I sorted by subject, read through what's here, didn't
find this question...

When I try to use a path for tubes other than the 'Tubes' subdirectory
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Do I have to use the PSP 'Tubes' subdirectory only, even though it
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This isn't working.  I have a ton of tubes and I sure don't want to have
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I noted a reply in there (Sally, I think) to another question that
suggested that you can simply browse to the directory that you want,
when you want it.

Thanks in advance,


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