question on pickedpoints

question on pickedpoints

Post by PacketR » Thu, 24 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hey all,

    I run a pick action on my scene graph that generates info dialogs depending
on what I hit.  I've noticed that a few times the pick has hit an underlying
lineset instead of a face set which is above it.  The z coords on the faces are
always 1 above the lines.

    I tried to fix this by placing the face subgraph to the left of the line
subgraph in the overall scene graph.  The picking accuracy has greatly
improved, almost 100%.  My questions are:  Does the pickaction have left/right
preferences as far as the scene graph layout is concerned?  Also, are there any
other ways to increase the accuracy of hte pickaction?

Thanks in advance for any help and Happy Holidays,

Greg Cole


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