Problems subclassing from SoBase

Problems subclassing from SoBase

Post by Michael A. Log » Wed, 20 Sep 1995 04:00:00

 I'm sure this is just a simple problem, but I'm feeling particularly
 stupid today. 8(

 I have a class that I'm subclassing from SoBase, like

        class NvProfile : public SoBase {

 and I define the 2 pure virtuals in SoBase:

    virtual SoType      getTypeId() {return SoBase::getClassTypeId();}
    virtual SbBool      readInstance(SoInput*) {return 1;}

 I know getTypeId() isn't correct, but I don't use it.  Nevertheless
 I STILL get a compile error when I create an object of type NvProfile:

"rBSsurfaceKit.C", line 1060: error(3403): object of abstract class type is
          not allowed
                    NvProfile *nvpro = new NvProfile (bsurf,curve);

  Any clues?   This used to work for me in OpenInv 2.0, but not in 2.0.1
  but I didn't have these virtuals even defined in my subclass when
  I was using 2.0.  

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,


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