Volumerender module ?

Volumerender module ?

Post by Keith S. Deac » Wed, 27 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Can anyone tell me how to get inventor or performer to read in a file
generated using the explorer module VolumeRender?  I have looked at
the file and Inventor/Performer seem to dislike the line "SplatGaussian"
returning an error "unknown class: SplatGaussian", any help on this would
be appreciated.



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I understand that GD Module of perl is designed to convert text into gif,
png or jpeg images as well as manipulate images in several fashions.

This GD Modules is programmed in C language and I am a novice in converting
this program for developing my perl script to use GD.

Can some one just help and point out locations on www where I can get help
in detail how to load GD module directly on my server (not on my PC) or
upload this file from my PC to my server and compile it for use with the
perl scripts.

Many thanks.

if possible.


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