WMV files in MSP6.5

WMV files in MSP6.5

Post by Larry Tuf » Tue, 13 May 2003 04:10:05

Having trouble using WMV files in MSP6.51a. It won't import them directly
and when I try to convert them to another format (e.g. AVI) using the
Convert command it churns away and creates a large file that is nothing more
than a brief flash and then black for the duration. Is there a patch for
this, is it with WMV9 only, will I have to use third party software to do
the conversion?



WMV files in MSP6.5

Post by Jerry Jon » Sat, 17 May 2003 08:35:38

I just tested with MEDIASTUDIO PRO 7.0 and the import was successful
as was the conversion to .avi.

Have you registered your software?

If so, you might consider logging in to the Ulead Web site and
reporting this via the official tech support form.


Jerry Jones


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