PI6 Install Problems?

PI6 Install Problems?

Post by P.. » Wed, 15 Nov 2000 04:00:00

I'm interested in getting PI6 and have read a few install problems with
the trial and the full version after uninstallilng the trial. I had the
trial on mine but I never got to use it because when it opened up my
mouse had no effect on anything. I could click on the maximize box or
the close box but nothing happened. I would get an error box that said
iedit performed an illegal operation. I had to turn my computer off by
the power button to shut it down. When I got back up again and opened
the PI trial the same thing happened. As always with all new software in
a month or two an upgrade patch comes out and I'm wondering if I should
wait for some kind of a fix or is this just a very unusual glitch. Has
anyone else had or heard of any problems with the trial, upgrade or full

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I have PhotoImpact 4.2 that came with GIF Animator 3.0 and the Web
Utilities and such on my machine.  I just got PI6 w/GIF Anim 4 and am
wondering how to best install them.  Will the new program install over
the old or do I have to remove the old first?  Also, there is a Patch on
the Ulead site for PI6, is this self-installing after downloading?
Please be kind and very specific...I am old and relatively new at this.
                        Heirloom, old and anxious

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