*****Crash Help, Crash Help*****

*****Crash Help, Crash Help*****

Post by RAY G CURI » Wed, 30 Dec 1998 04:00:00

        I am running Media Studio Pro 5.0 VE with my Matrox Mystique 220
Business card with a Matrox Rainbow Runner attached and after about 2-5
minutes of editing I get a message stating, "This program has performed an
illegal operation and will be shut down".  From there the program is exited.
I believe I have all the latest drivers for my hardware and I even
downloaded Media Studio 5.2 VE from your site.  I downloaded the 5.2 file to
my desktop and set it up from there.  It said setup was succesful and I
still get the error message about an illegal operation while editing.
Hmmm...?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  You can e-mail me at

beginner with this whole editing world.  Thank you, Ray.  PS:  This seems to
happen more while I am cutting (with the scissors) and dragging footage.

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Can someone tell me what would be a good minimum ram for MAX.  I've got 64
and whenevr I try to animate particle systems or anything vaguley
complicated it crashes..or it renders then crashes.

Is this strictly a memory issue?  For the first time today i got a memory
error when I tried to use convolver in the material browser then it
crashed.  But t before today it was strictly silent crashes.

I can upgrade to 128mgs if it will help.  But will it.  Could this be an
accelerator issue - i dont have one worth talking about....I've got 2 gigs
of free disk space and have 400mg swap space assigned.  Also...since I got
the extra 2 gigs its been crashing less which leads me to the memory thing.

I was reading a tutorial the other day and the guys like...first make 8
particle systems....yeah right...crash.

Anyway...email me solutions please

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