Device Control - Capture Plug in - Template manager

Device Control - Capture Plug in - Template manager

Post by Dave » Thu, 08 Mar 2001 19:11:41

Ulead Video Studio 4.0se

In device control I only have MS 1394 control plugin.  Seems to me there
should be or maybe could be more in there.  Yes?  No?

Capture Plug in...only two in there.  Ulead Direct Show and Ulead MPEG
Direct Show.  How about here, shouldn't there be more here too?

Template Manager, full of *I can't use.  PAL don't need, MPG stuff can't
seem to use, don't work, or broke.  That just leaves a few NTSA templates
different sizes.  Don't have a clue which one to use or what is better.
Been reading so much my eyes hurt.

I have done some capturing.  When I go double click on one of the video
files and it plays in windows little player the picture is like out of
proportion, kind of too wide.  Makes everyone look like they need to go on a

Am I limited using 4.0se, is that the answer to all this?

Can I add on here to these different areas?

How does one figure out what template to use?

I appreciate any and all help and I mean that.  I'm getting there but boy oh
boy, Talk about a learning curve.  :-)

Anyway thanks....Dave T


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In the past, my old graphics card was a 2 Mb Cirrus Logic 5428,
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Now I have a new ATI 3D Pro Turbo PC2TV with 8 Mb and I have to
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