*Latest* MEDIASTUDIO PRO 6 Review

*Latest* MEDIASTUDIO PRO 6 Review

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Here's the *latest* MediaStudio Pro 6 review
by Jeff Sauer:


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1. Ulead MediaStudio REVIEWED in latest DV MAGAZINE

Ulead MediaStudio Pro receives a "tie" ranking with
In:Sync Speed Razor and Adobe Premiere by scoring
a 3.5 (out of 4.0) rating.

MediaStudio, Premiere, Speed Razor all edge out
Digital Origin's EditDV (3.0 rating).

DV MAGAZINE archives all articles in Adobe's "PDF"
file format... so you need a little patience along with Acrobat
Reader on your computer to read these.

MediaStudio Pro review (new):

Speed Razor, Premiere, EditDV review:

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