questions questions questions!

questions questions questions!

Post by Luis ORTEG » Mon, 01 Dec 1997 04:00:00

i currently have a pentium 200 mmx with 144 mg edo ram, a quantum 6.4 gig
udma33 drive with two 2 gig partitions free for video capture and
editing/rendering, a tyan s 1573 atx-2 tx chipset motherboard, windows 95
osr 2,the mystique 220 with the rainbow runner. i am also using the tyan 32
bit bus master drivers for the hard drive. the matrox hard drive benchmark
usually reports about 3.5 mg/sec as the rates for each partition of the
hard drive, although in the past it was rather strange and reported either
about 2.5 mg./sec or about 21 mg/sec when i tested the drives repeatedly.
this seems to have stopped lately.

i have set up the computer for editing with the usual suggested changes to
the read ahead, write back, screen savers, clock, desktop computer settings
to improve performance.

my main interest is outputting to pal svhs and vhs videotape and also to
ntsc vhs videotape. i have pal and ntsc svhs camcorders and pal svhs vcr
and an ntsc vhs vcr. my experience is in analogue video editing with two
vcrs and controllers etc.

i am not totally pleased with the performance or visual results that i am
getting from this system. on captures i get dropped frames sometimes ( at
compressions of about 9:1 and audio at 22khz and 16 bit mono)and on
playback i get frozen video sometimes. if i turn the compression down to
get better captures (to about 13:1) then the visual quality of the
resulting edited tape is a bit grainy. i use premiere 4.2 and media studio
pro 5.01. the preview and rendering times are somewhat slow as well.

my questions are about what should i do to get better results in captures,
playbacks and final visual quality.
1. should i get a better capture card? i am looking at the av master or the
edit bay or the broadway beginner, but i hear that the av master has
compatibility problems with the tx chipset motherboards and the broadway is
not really intended for output to videotape. which card is the best quality
and the most compatible with my motherboard?
2.should i get a uw scsi av drive and an adaptec 2940uw controller to use
for video capture and playback, or are udma 33 drives good enough now?
should i get a separate udma 33 drive apart from the one i already have?
3. should i dump the tyan busmaster drivers and use intel ones or none at
all? i have been told that i should be getting more than 3.5 mg/sec rates
from my hard drive and that maybe the tyan bus masters are at fault. or can
i do anything else to improve my current system? am i just ignorant about
the quality and performance possible with this price range of cards
($500-$1000)? i cant really justify going to cards that cost several
thousand dollars as i am just a home movie hobbyist.

i really want to make this work but i am getting frustrated with the lack
of intelligent advice and support from all the vendors.

thank you for your help
Luis Ortega


questions questions questions!

Post by Doss » Thu, 04 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Hello Louis

My sympathies, I have spent ages trying to edit videos on my pc for a hobby. I
have a Tyan Tomcat III Hx  board, K6 200, 64 Mb, Maxtor 5.1 Gig drive  and a
Diamond Krunch-It 2000 PCI capture card.

I've followed all the setup sugestions like you and at last I'm just about
happy with the performance.  Alas my unit records at a max of 2.5Mb/s, at that
rate it will drop a frame very  occasionally. I dont know the weakest part of
the chain.

Take a look at Toms Hardware Guide Pages ( for the
story on Bus Mastering Drivers. I had the same strange speed readings as you!
Some drivers seem to deliberately play on weakneses in the standard speed
measuring programs to make them look better than they are! I spent ages
swapping through all the drivers I could find and stuck with the latest Tyan
ones in the end!! For what its worth I dont think that a decent Ultra 33 hard
drive would be the weak point in your current system.

At about 10:1, the max I can record, the picture is a little grainy still and
much more noticable on some scenes than others! I just wish I had the ability
to record at 2:1!

You did'nt mention that you defrag your disks before video recording but I'm
sure you must.

  I used a Hauppauge Win Motion 60 capture card for months with the same PC and
it dropped more frames than it caught, so the card really does make a big
difference, sorry I dont know about your one. I know exactly what you mean
about knowlegable advice! I have'nt found much of that anywhere!

 I think I will save my pennies until decent digital firewire based editing
systems comedown in price a bit more!

Good luck
Dominic Oskis


questions questions questions!

Post by Laren Leonar » Mon, 08 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Hi Group,

I have found the textures...or any "added" attributes in Cool 3D are lost
once I
exit the program. Frustrating that one cannot save the actions that took so
long to
create. Still, it is a swell package for titles!

Laren Leonard


questions questions questions!

Post by Dylan Tyler - Ulead Syste » Wed, 10 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Quote:>I have found the textures...or any "added" attributes in Cool 3D are lost
>once I
>exit the program. Frustrating that one cannot save the actions that took so
>long to
>create. Still, it is a swell package for titles!

Thank you for your support of Cool 3D and Ulead software programs.

Cool 3D does allow you to save your own custom textures by choosing
the ADD option in the program and adding your new texture to the
texture gallery.

Please read the included online help file regarding saving custom

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to

additional assistance that I may.

Best regards,

Dylan Tyler

Ulead Systems Inc.


questions questions questions!

Post by Laren Leonar » Tue, 16 Dec 1997 04:00:00


With your help I was able to save textures, etc., in Cool 3D
My .UPF files in the Cool 3D\Presets folder WERE write protected!

This program is such a blast to play with...please let us know if you find
a way to share files.

Kind Regards,

Laren Leonard

: 1)  You have room on the disk that contains Cool 3D for it to save new
: textures  (Two MB free should be plenty of room for saving textures) 2)
: The disk is not write protected 3)  The .UPF files in your Cool
: 3D\Presets folder are not write protected 4]  That you exit the program
: properly by using file -->exit. If you just turn off your  computer when
: your done, the changes wont be written to your HD


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