DVD PowerTools, Audio/Video not in sync

DVD PowerTools, Audio/Video not in sync

Post by Birger Hut » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 19:53:17

Since a few weeks I do dvds from several sources (camcorder, mpeg-,
avi-files,...) and I had no problems. But now, I have a new project.
Therefore I have imported a mpeg2-file and split it into 3 parts. But I
think, that PowerTools only create subclips for the parts. Than I have
defined some chapters and a menustructure. When I check the content as a
preview in PowerTools all things are very well. Video and Audio are exactly
in sync. But then, the dvd I have burned the audio runs behind the video.
Perhaps between a half of a second and one second. But constantly. I have
also tried to write the contant to the harddisk and burn it then with nero,
but nothing changes.
I have no more idea :-(
Thank you for your help.



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