Warping and morphing programm

Warping and morphing programm

Post by Ole » Sun, 10 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hi All,
Advise please good program for Warping and morphing.
I have the program Ulead Morph Editor 1.0, but it is very old.


1. Shareware Morphing or Warping Utility Sought

Essentially what I'm after is a shareware utility to create a
'psychedelic' effect on straight text for a one-off t-shirt.
As such I can't really validate the cost of Corel 5 but I
know Photo-Paints Warp Mesh and 3D rotation tools come close
to what I want. Can anyone point me to a shareware graphics
package with similar distorting effects, morphing should
give the same sort of effects?

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