Screen Size in VS 6.0

Screen Size in VS 6.0

Post by Muuv » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 07:36:19

Is it possible to convert a mpeg from Wide Screen Format to Full Screen
and if So What are the Settings to Do This.  Using Ulead Video Studio 6.0

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1. GIF image size vs. logical screen size

A GIF display program I use was barfing with a particular GIF file, and
some study turned up the reason: the GIF file had an image block that
specified an image larger than the logical screen size (!?).

Now, I'm not able to find any explicit statement in the GIF89a standard
that says it's illegal to do that, but it seems to me like something
that *ought* to be illegal.  Has anyone out there run across this situation
before?  If so, what do you do?  Clip the image to the logical screen
constraints without comment?  With comment?  Natter and grommish and
exit with error?  I suppose I'd have to go to CIS for an Official Opinion,
but your advice via email would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

        James Jones

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