own textures with cool 3d studio

own textures with cool 3d studio

Post by Klaus Mannsperge » Sat, 14 Jun 2003 16:01:41

Hi everybody,

i want to make my own textures so that I can create own 3d objects. Can I do
this with this program directly or how can I do this.

Thanks, Matthias


own textures with cool 3d studio

Post by Jerry Jon » Mon, 16 Jun 2003 01:45:09

Ulead Cool 3D tutorials:


Jerry Jones


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I have got the new program COOL 3D 2.0 By Ulead.. and my computer is got all
messed up and some how I lost the very most inported thing..

the licences of the program could some one please send me this file it is..
COOL  3D 2_2.0_F2C.lic

could someone please send me it I need it really bad could someone please
please send me this I brought it on the internet for $29.95 and it was a
download and now I some how lost this imported file I hope someones nice
enought to help me out here.....

Thank you..

please send it to

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