VS 7.0 File size increases after using "Extract Video" function for a clip !

VS 7.0 File size increases after using "Extract Video" function for a clip !

Post by J. Schwarzko » Tue, 24 Jun 2003 17:40:09

After capturing a TV show with a DBV card and adpating the pva file to
a 3 Giga mpeg file, I tried to copy the film on a dvd cutting off all
commercials before.
After using the "Extract video" function cutting all commercial clips
I got 4 seperate clips for my project but the whole file size
increased from 3 to 5.7 gigabyte?

What went wrong, I reduced the original film from 1h50 to 1h30 but the
file size increased instead of decreasing?

Now the file does not fit on a 4,7 +RW? How can I solve the problem?


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Interested in knowing: can you "increase" the colormap, e.g. the size,
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Concern about memory overhead should not be significant, unless a mod
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