DVD Workshop

DVD Workshop

Post by Alan Steven » Tue, 03 Jun 2003 22:23:57

What hat I'm doing wrong here?

I imported a movie, burn it everything ok. The file size is about 13Gb.
Now I wanted to go back and change the menu picture and stuff like that,
which to me it seems to be just cosmetic changes. But now when I try to burn
it, it requires about 62Gb of disk space.

I do have do not convert boxes checked.

Thanks in advance.


DVD Workshop

Post by Jerry Jon » Thu, 05 Jun 2003 06:21:01

1. Terry -

Yes, Ulead DVD WORKSHOP will do slideshows.

a. Choose your project output option during the START step;

b. See the media library in the lower left corner of your screen?
Click the drop down arrow. Select IMAGE - GENERAL. Then click the OPEN
FOLDER icon to import the images by browsing to their location on your
hard drive;

c. Drag the images to the TITLE LIST;

d. Click MENU and choose the MENU WIZARD;

e. Now you should see your slides as thumbnails in the test window;

f. Advance to the FINISH step and use the test window to make sure
your slide show appears as you wish.

2. Richard -

I recommend the method 1 that you described.

3. Alan -

No DVD disc is going to let you store 62gb let alone 13gb.

The space available on a typical DVD disc is only 4.37gb.

So you need to keep your total project file size to less than 4.37GB.


If you have any further trouble, please register your software and log
in to the Ulead Web site and then fill out the official tech support



Jerry Jones


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