cool 3d version3.5 trial error messages

cool 3d version3.5 trial error messages

Post by gre.. » Thu, 20 Mar 2003 14:02:53

This may be an old and easily resolved problem. But here goes.
Installed cool 3d v3.5 trial. Selecting the "insert graphics" button
and the error is "creating class not registered failed."  I know the
problem is addressed at the Ulead site. Many here may know about the
solution to copy a system file and the Ulead provided patch to the
Ulead directory and "patch it."  I get the same error. Intalled the
Ulead provided Objects, shapes etc. The black thumbnails are now gray
instead of displaying the objects, shapes etc.
If I select any of these, the error message is the same with an
additional error message, "cannot enumerate the component." I got my
hands on version 3 and the same thing happens.  I read a post
somewhere that someone used verson 3 with no problem, tried version
3.5 and had the same problem I did. He then went back to his version 3
and it too was plagued with these errors.
I'm not too savy with system level details but can this be a version
conflict? what are these register errors? is it a java thing? OLE?
Every search I do leads to Visual Basic type errors that are catering
to programers. This is my last attempt to fix this, I will then have
to abandon any interest in Ulead products. They don't provide support
for Trial products. On another note, this speaks poorly of Ulead since
their policy of not supporting Trials does not demonstate to me they
have a usable product. Why buy and encounter the same problem and then
have to play email tag for a solution.

thanks for any help


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