VideoStudio 6 NOW throws access violation... any ideas?

VideoStudio 6 NOW throws access violation... any ideas?

Post by Ian Marshal » Thu, 19 Jun 2003 23:08:29

I have been running VideoStudio 6 on w2k for a while no prob's - recently
installed MovieFactory 2 for the extra DVD functionality. Both work okay in
their own rights however....

Every OTHER time I start VS6 now I get an fatal access violation when it
loads. It doesn't seem to matter what else is running or whether it is
straight after a clean reboot. Uninstalling and reinstalling makes no odds.

It isn't a show stopper as I now know to start VS6 again when it
happens...It is just a pain in the arse!

As seasoned Ulead customers will know ulead customer support were about as
useful as a chocolate fire guard!

Any ideas thoughts?


VideoStudio 6 NOW throws access violation... any ideas?

Post by Jerry Jon » Fri, 20 Jun 2003 09:44:11

I don't know if it relates, but there are several patches that I
noticed on the Ulead Web site:

These are for version 6.0.

Jerry Jones


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