DVD Picture SHow 2 - zero byte files

DVD Picture SHow 2 - zero byte files

Post by Leif Jense » Thu, 19 Jun 2003 01:48:58

When trying to add pictures in Ulead DPS2 all the pictures added is ZERO
bytes. The original
pictures are about 200KB in size each.

Anyone seen that problem, and found a solution ?



1. Saved a file but now shows zero bytes - NEWBIE()

I Saved a JPG file in PhotoShop format (the JPG had been converted by
others so I know it is not corrupt), but now the properties say zero

If I try to open the file it will open, but immediately display the new
file window where I can select various options. Obbiously if I open
this I get a blank file.

Any ideas for this, it's happened a coule of times.



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