How can I change JPEG saving option?

How can I change JPEG saving option?

Post by Dan N » Tue, 09 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Thanks to Snappy, I have a few thousands of jpeg files at size about
75Kb to 85Kb which I would like to resave it at about 40 plus Kb by
Photostyler 2.0 after some brightness/contrast correction. For many
image manipulations, Photostyler is very efficient, especially the
the "quick command menu" which reuse most commands by one click which
is why I still use it. However saving jpeg is a pain.

  By default, Photostyler 's jpeg compress level is at "40" which is
comparable to cjpeg's "75" setting according to jpegdump.exe. Photostyler's
range is 0 to 100 where 0 compression is thehighest quality setting. At "40",
it shows perceptible degrade in quality. I like to save jpeg at 30 or 35
quality setting which is quite good.  Every time saving at any compression
level setting other than "40", one must click through "Save as",scroll several
small windows to find the same filename as it assumes no name chosen, click
"save option", click 5 times to go from 40 to 35, click "OK" , "Save",  
then "Yes" to confirm save which is very tiresome and time consuming.

  If save by default jpeg setting at "40", just Ctrl-S which is fast and
efficient. Thus ,I like to change the default setting permanently to "35".
Since, there is no ini or other files that define jpeg setting. After
some research with Hex viewer, I believe the default setting "40" must be
compiled to some machine code and stored in the UF2JPEG.FIO (DLL type file,
Ulead-Input-Output-File, sized 25kb ) within which one can see word such
as "compression size, ratio, subsampling etc...".

  After changing byte by byte using hex editor near the phrase
" Compression Level..", and reload Photostyler after each byte changed,
within the JPEG dialogue box's phrase or font or buttons' size change; but
nowhere could I change the jpeg default value "40". After about 40 bytes
changes and 40 loadings of Photostyler, I am still stuck.  

 I would like to ask anyone who had compiled jpeg modules or really good
hackers to suggest how I can change such seem so simple but not so
easy task. I am very appreciate for all your helps.