ULEAD Video Studio 7 - Disc space requirements inaccurate

ULEAD Video Studio 7 - Disc space requirements inaccurate

Post by Michael S. Doer » Thu, 29 May 2003 08:51:37

I've been using this stuff for about two months now.  I've just about gotten
all my issues resolved, but I can't seem to solve this one annoying problem.
When I'm all done editing and I'm ready to burn a disk,  the estimate of the
file size to be burned seems way off.  This is a tremendous waste of time
since you have to wait through hours of rendering before you get a true file
size that is larger than you can burn onto a disk.  Changing to a lower
quality (lower kbps) doesn't always work.  What's wrong????

ULEAD Video Studio 7 - Disc space requirements inaccurate

Post by Jerry Jon » Fri, 30 May 2003 08:55:54

This estimate will vary depending on the video source. It is usually an
issue with variable bit rate.

Jerry Jones


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