How to initiate control of dv camera at capture with MSP 6

How to initiate control of dv camera at capture with MSP 6

Post by Gordon Scot » Tue, 16 Apr 2002 08:41:36


This is so silly, I have both VS 5 and MS 6 I have working in VS kinda
down, but MS 6 is another story.

I have control over my DV camera I see the video in the preview/playback
BUT when I want to capture the video with the camera paused or just idle
I can only capture the 1 still image seen on the screen altho the counter
is running, how do I get the camera to actually play when clicking the
capture to start recording? The help is kinda lacking in this area, lots
of stuff in the help but nothing in a step by step.
any online tutorials that spell it out for newbies appreciated.

Another question mark in and mark out in VS5, is the mark in point from
where you want to cut the video out till the mark out? or is it from
where you want to SAVE the video till the mark out point? I see that the
mouse pointer changes the direction of the arrow from left to right, I
still dont have this set in my mind.

Many Thanks


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