Batch Processing

Batch Processing

Post by Larry (LJL2 » Wed, 28 Aug 2002 01:09:25

  I asked for input several months ago in performing 3 ops on 1500
files but ignored advise to use PI6 batch command since the only 1 I
knew about was File>>BatchConvert. I found there are a few more:
Window>>BatchManager that works on files in workplace & the most
powerful Batch Task + Task Menu Commands under Quick Command Panel.
   Using the latter and PXplorer7 with some elementary control scripts
I was able to automatically convert 1500 icons, jpg's, and gif's into
optimized transparent gif's with about 3% error rate or 50 that had to
be redone by hand.Alot of machine cycles but only a few hrs of my time
which will not need to be repeated the next time I need to do this.
  Thx for everyone's input. My advise would be to create a test
subset of data to experiment on & backup all data b4 running.
   GL- Larry
Larry- Any advise given only applies NUGS (normally, usually, generally, sometimes :)

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