VS4 - Pre defined Lead ins wanted

VS4 - Pre defined Lead ins wanted

Post by Kevin J Princ » Wed, 06 Sep 2000 17:16:50


Ulead Video Studio V4.01
Wonder if anyone has or knows of a source for pre-defined lead ins. Such
as a count down with flying numbers or the like? (mpg or avi).

Also a source for background music and sound effects?

Is there another ng where newbies can as questions about making videos

Regards Kevin

Kevin J Prince   Scarborough, North Yorkshire

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1. 3D visualization of pre-defined objects?

Sorry for the vagueness of this post...

I'm looking for some form of visualization package or graphics library
which can take input in the form of an x,y (,z) point location and an
object identifier which selects an object to be placed at that location,
such as a certain type of house or building from a pre-defined set of

Can anyone tell me what is out there?  Someone suggested that packages
such as AVI might be able to do this sort of thing - anyone done it?

Please respond by e-mail, any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Jason Sadler
GeoData Institute
University of Southampton

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