Wrong button bar icons in Corel Dream3D 6

Wrong button bar icons in Corel Dream3D 6

Post by Sebastian Wallrot » Thu, 11 Feb 1999 04:00:00

My System: MS Windows 98 with MS Internet Explorer 4.
After installing complete Corel Draw! 6, I found that all button bar icons
in Corel Dream3D are replaced with any icons.
Installing Draw! 6 with the CD-ROM of a friend shows the same result on my
Corel Support Hotline could not help.


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Some how the tabs on the various dialogue boxes, objects browser window
etc have renamed themselves with the Wingdings font.  The tab that is
active is ok but the others display gibberish.  If I click on one of
these other tabs it comes right and the previously active tab turns to
Wingdings!  I've tried reinstalling D3D but no luck.  any suggestions?

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