ACDSee doesn't support Corel!

ACDSee doesn't support Corel!

Post by JunkMonke » Tue, 15 Jul 2003 06:55:27

I am a recent convert to Corel Graphics Suite V9- a Great product BTW -
Especially PhotoPaint.  Well, the other day I realized that I couldn't see
Photopaint files in ACDSee and went to ACDSee's file associations to add

That's when I realized that ACDSee doesn't support ANY Corel file formats!
(Odd when you realize they are now selling a package that includes Corel
PhotoPaint in Europe).  This is an important enough issue to me that I am
willing to switch to a new Photo Organizer package.

I know Canto Cumulus does support Corel as a version is packaged in the
Graphics Suite, but Canto Cumulus is pretty lame compared to ACDSee.  What
do you guys use?


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