Questions, questions, questions

Questions, questions, questions

Post by Katri Moldr » Sun, 29 Mar 1998 04:00:00

hello, i have the shareware version of corel cad ( i think it's the
latest one). And now to the question you'll been dying to read, well....
when i make a drawing say a 3d one, i have real problems with placement.
Let me elaborate, when i draw a box for example and then try to place
another box on top of that one, in the given view this looks fine. But
when i change views the picture changes, the other box is now sitting
awakwardly on the other box or is completely off it. So when it comes to
rendering everything is really stuffed up, there are models here models
there. So i was wondering if any of you had ideas on how to solve my
problem. Also do any of you know any great FAQ pages that may help with
corel cad.


1. Questions, questions, questions.

O.K. Since the 4014 is most likely a flop, I have one more question.
Does anyone know if they make graphic cards for vt100 terminals.
If so, how much do they go for, and where could I find one.
Vt100's are in vast supply around here, and although it is no VT240,
it will have to do.

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