Help!: Trim/Weld- Corel 6

Help!: Trim/Weld- Corel 6

Post by future perfec » Sun, 25 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Here is my feeble attempt to explain what I'm doing:

In Coreldraw 6:
I have scanned a black and white line drawing and traced it with Corel OCR
using the 'outline' tracer (I liked the results of the tracing); then
imported the vector into Corel 6. The black outline became a silhouette
image underneath the white image.....which is fine because I can change the
color of the outline. BUT this silhouette/outline thing will not respond to
being trimmed or welded. I tried copying it and cloning it. I keep getting a
message that says 'the trim operation could not be completed on the selected
object (s). What is going on here?



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I am creating a scooter for a Max scene, and I do not know how to make
a shape that looks like two pieces of metal welded together, does
anybody know how I would go about doing this?  I attached a picture of
an example.  Thanks for the help.


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