FAVOR: Someone with CorelXara

FAVOR: Someone with CorelXara

Post by Devin Redli » Fri, 21 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I've got a very simple image - few colors, low complexity - in a bitmapped
format (GIF).  I need this image traced into a vector format (preferable WMF).
 I've heard that CorelXara does an excellent job of this, but I don't have
this program and don't want to buy it to convert one image.

If anyone is willing to do this conversion for me, I would greatly appreciate
it.  No touching up is necessary - I have a WMF editor that I can use to do
the touchups myself, I just need the basic conversion done.

If anyone is willing to do me this favor, e-mail me in private

Devin Redlich


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Hi All,

I'm having a bit of difficulty trying to view my friend's animated b/g and
Microsoft feles that I may have a graphic program that is not reading the
codes right.  I have PSP 5 which is my default and Micrografx Windows Draw.

What happens is that when I view the page I can see the animated b/g but
when the page loads in its entirety the b/g disappears.  If PSP is your
default what happens when you view this URL?


Many Thanx,


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