corel draw file to *.dxf problem

corel draw file to *.dxf problem

Post by Harald Bos » Thu, 13 Jun 2002 23:06:18


I have some troubles withe the export from a CorelDraw Programm to
a *.dxf file ! I need Milimeter(mm)in my Programm. When i have a
retaclefrom 100mm of 100mm and i save it in a *.dxf and when i open it
withe a other Pogramm ProE for example  is my Retacle 3.937mm of
3.937mm. Whats the  Problem withe my CorelDraw Programm ? I use the
CorelDraw 8.

The Factor is 25.4 ! but i use mm Paper for drawing !

Where is the option for ajust the Problem wich i have.

thanks for helping


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