wrong fonts in corel eps

wrong fonts in corel eps

Post by X is anti-sp » Thu, 23 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I've just been making some eps files, with CorelDraw 3, using the
standard Adobe Type 1 font Palatino. I assumed I could set the fonts
resident, as of course they are in almost every PS device. However,
they printed as Courier. On looking in the eps I see the font is
called as "Palatino", when the actual PS name should be
"Palatino-Roman". So where is CD finding this erroneous font name so I
can fix it?

This happens with Win 3.1, ATM 2.6 (at work), and also Win95, ATM 4
(at home).

I can work around by setting the fonts non-resident, but this balloons
the files from 40k to 200k, also it uses some outlines in the files,
which look fine but aren't the Type 1 outlines.

I only recently started using CD3, after several years using CD2;
ironically one of the major attarctions was to be able to use ATM
Making eps with CD2 using a WFN font equivalent to a Type 1 never had
this problem...


1. Corel 8 EPS export - wrong size

Hi Corel:

I posted this message once before, but no response came of it.

When I export a file as EPS, and bring it into PageMaker or Quark, it comes
in at the wrong size. I have tried it with no preview, WMF and TIF
previews, all with the same result.

However, if I export it to AI7.0, it comes in at the correct size. My
workaround has been to open it in AI7, and save the EPS from there with TIF

Is there a bug in the EPS export, as there has been in the past several
initial versions, and if so, when will a fix be posted?

I can email the CDR file if you wish to test it out. It does have several
fountain fills in it (all CMYK using child colors, too).



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